Wednesday, 22 November 2017

'50 Cups of Coffee' - By Khushnuma Daruwala

50 Cups of Coffee - The woes and throes of finding Mr. Right.

With such a tagline that this book has, at first I thought that this book is only meant for girls on a groom-hunt. The tagline also gave an impression that it may seem a book that showcases pains of finding a Mr. Right or a guideline book that lectures with doing are and don'ts of dealing with grooms. But to my surprise, it was something entirely different. This book is an intelligent collection of the incidents that the author's friend has faced during her coffee dates. Khushnuma, in the prolog of this book, sets the tone right in the first place. She lays out that she has captured the dating woes as experienced by her dear friend and so flows the story!

The collection of stories and real-life incidents lined up in this book are intriguing. They are lined-up with the gradual pace that reaches the crescendo by the time you finish up with the book. Some of the incidents are worth laughing-off and some are utterly hilarious. But, ignoring the fun part involved in each of these incidents, the author and these incidents silently make you aware of the traps with the wrong dates, the real woes and the pain these modern matrimonial sites can cause. A funny account that reminds now and then that dating is not limited to breaking the ice, sharing a table or probably a cup of coffee or just sharing the bill. It is and goes well beyond this. Dating or hunting for the right man or woman is extended to the appearance, attitude, social quotient, etiquettes and many factors that are specific for someone who is on a hunt. This book also covers the unfortunate side of matrimony matching and dating - people approaching the probable partners for hook-ups. The patterns of boys aspiring for an ideal date, the expectations they set and meet with their respective girl partners and more that is uncovered with their subsequent meet-ups, Whatsapp conversations, and hang-outs. This book summarizes it all in one go. And Khushnuma has summarized it well on the plate so that it doesn't read loud or boring or anything that compels you to keep the book down. There is more that one cannot write about this book and which is to be experienced by reading it.

The book is of optimum size both with the handling and page count. The designs and illustrations best one can have a handy book, the font size, and style - catchy! A short, coffee-table book definitely meant for a quick and light read.Khushnuma is a great story-teller. Watch her out!

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