Sunday, 19 July 2015

There's Something About You – By Yashodhara Lal.

'There's Something About You' - An off-beat love story decked up nicely that certainly relates to your life.

A short review.

This is the first time I went through Yashodhara Lal’s written work. But believe me; her writing captivated my senses right from the first page. Every word of this book has tinged loud and has resonated. The sharp and apt use of vocabulary has been top-notch of Yashodhara’s pen-skills.

The story revolves around Trish; the focal character. She is in her late twenties; fat, aloof; an average looking girl. She is shouldering the responsibilities of managing the monthly expenditure in an expensive city like Mumbai, paying the rent of a sea-faced matchbox flat and handling her ‘Ma’ who she is irritated with and ‘Ba’ who is almost bed-ridden. Trish works as a content writer at a firm. Her lack of up-gradation in every sense has landed her in a serious fuss. Oppressed by her boss and by the work culture, she is fired from her job. With a pile of vexation in her life already, she tries to manage with this setback. Later on, a free-lancing-cum-contract opportunity knocks her door. Trish, with all her anguish, takes it up and it certainly becomes a hit in Mumbai. Fate decides and a 35-year-old bachelor, Samir with some so-to-say-weird instincts gets into her life. The story then takes a wheel and you don’t let the book rest on your coffee-table until you finish it!

Yashodhara has made it simple. She has a brilliant know-how of the corporate working style and has portrayed enough strokes about all characters that eventually start rolling in front of your eyeballs. She has crafted the piece that reveals the specifics of the characters and their lives and hiding the unnecessary information at the same time. She has made it to this equilibrium. A good shot I must say. This book made me vent out some really high-loaded mental stress. A much-needed one. It relates to your life in some way or the other, a not-so-normal love story to munch that lifts the mood although presuming some predictions to be unfolded later!

                                                                                                                                                    - Vazir

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