Sunday, 20 May 2018

The secret of success on your platter!

The secret of success on your platter!

I had read 'You can win' by Shiv Khera earlier during my school days. And it awed me then the way it still awes me today. So, with this new work of Shiv Khera, I was expecting some stuff of the same intensity and quality if not more. Glad to tell - he has not disappointed at all.
'You can achieve more' sounds to be the magnum opus of Shiv Khera. The book is catchy, short and to the point.

Shiv has the knack of not letting the theme to be loose right from the start of the book. He sticks tight to the theme and takes a moral and a right way to start with the book. This book essentially talks about the difference between the winners and losers. It is not a theory book that simply puts what winners do and what losers do (don't!) but Shiv emphasizes every point with simple yet powerful examples. The book is divided into small chunks that make it easy to understand, interpret and grasp every notion that winners practice. The chapters are short and simple. The examples just perfect and motivating. Each chapter comes with a small action-plan that if put to use, will lead to an incremental growth and improvement. The book is a wise collection of the takeaway points that one must employ for guaranteed success. The mantras are simple and can be understood by any individual with any educational, social and mental background - it is just hard to implement and requires focus and dedication. Said so, it is not a herculean task to put it to use what all has been advised. The good part about this book that any point, it does not sound lecturing or loud. Shiv undoubtedly has drafted his of experience reading people and picking up right examples. It makes you realize that living by design and not by default that is so important yet so ignorant! I'm recommending and buying copies of this book for friends and relatives.

If putting to use just simple and easy practices would change your life, why would someone flinch and why would someone be deprived of this worth. Shiv has already changed the lives of millions around the world - and with this new book, he is just getting started to voice more roar. Afterall, everyone has the right to sit back and think and grow and sit back and think again, we just need a push, an opening, an avenue to see the light coming from the other side of the dark tunnel. Thank you, Shiv for the light - so comforting!

                                                                                            - Vajir

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