Sunday, 20 September 2015

Angels & Demons – By Dan Brown.

'Angels & Demons' - An intelligent piece of work that is definitely electrifying and blood tickling!

A short review. 

This is certainly not the right time to pen down comments of an already worldwide best-seller book. I have been longing to write what this book means to me and not just a review.
Being my top favorite book, it stands out like a Unicorn from the rest. I believe that after going through 'The Da Vinci Code', 'Deception Point', 'Digital Fortress', 'The Lost Symbol' and 'Inferno', 'Angels & Demons' is surely the magnum opus of Dan Brown. My argument can be a possible debate topic but if we look out for the genius effort of Dan that strikes at every single twist of the story lined up in this book, it beats the other parameters that make out his other books a best-seller. It is blended with every single best-seller factor; a medium-sized book, fired with enough thrill to take you off your seat, characters which compel you to groove along with them, an informative up-heat through-and-through and a perfect fusion of history, architecture, religion, and science. A classic super-hit!

The plot starts when Maximilian Kohler, Director of CERN after encountering the body of Leonardo Vetra - his fellow colleague, stripped down, face mashed on the ground after twisting it 180 degrees and his bare chest branded with a flawless ambigram of ‘Illuminati’; an ancient brotherhood that is suspected to be a sophisticated, secret group of scientists, scholars, historians, mathematicians that work for Science and is considered to be top-priority enemy by the Vatican telephones Robert Langdon Professor of Symbology at Harvard University and a famous Symbologist. Kohler needs to solve the mystery of Vetra’s brutal murder. They both freeze when Vittoria Vetra - daughter of Leonardo Vetra demonstrates them with the ‘Antimatter’ technology. She and Leonardo Vetra were working on this new source of energy which is of utmost use to the mankind but not more than anything else; extremely hazardous. The trio is hooked when they realize that a handsome amount of ‘Antimatter’ is missing and is planted somewhere inside Vatican that if not placed in its compatible apparatus at CERN will swallow the entire Mecca of Christianity in mere 24 hours. A high-speed series of events - that lands them in Vatican where the election of a new Pope is scheduled late evening that day. The current Pope is no more and his Camerlengo is in temporary in-charge of the Papal office. The four main, preferred and ‘possible-Pope’ Cardinals go missing from Vatican and a bunch of curious Swiss Guards, Camerlengo, Vittoria, and Langdon fathom upon a call from an unknown caller who swears to kill those four men of God, each one hour, publicly at four different Churches across Rome; the secret and sacred Churches of the Illuminati. Tickling time, pumping heart-beats and sheer brains by Langdon and Vittoria decode the mystery of the puzzle (The Path of Illumination) that leads to the most secret gathering location of the brotherhood right at the center of Vatican (The Castle of Illumination). The junto after some miraculous scenes also traces the location of ‘Antimatter’; a bomb upon which the entire faith of 1.25 billion Catholics sat down!

Coming to the highlights; every shade of this epic piece by Dan Brown is worthy. It is worth in terms not just to read but to ponder upon every single word that is put to use so so aptly. The caliber of Dan Brown with which he has put the entire Vatican on a canvas, the minute insights of the Vatican architecture, vital supporting artwork description and references, possibly the best-kept secrets of Rome, the immaculate know-how of CERN, its contribution and Antimatter advancements is mind-boggling. The precision with which Dan platters the unalloyed, all-inclusive synthesis of Papal Conclave, The Illuminati, CERN, Vatican, Rome and Swiss Guards is a certain awe. The very thought that captivates you while this reading this masterpiece undoubtedly lets you imagine the entire plot in a 70 mm theatrical manner; right there in front of your eyes and back of your mind is the biggest catch of this book! I had been hankering for a quality read for a long time in recent past and I guess it is my 17th turn that I have flipped this treatise. Every-time it revealed me an ounce greater than I had read earlier, every single time an ounce that promises a gold-standard read and a hallmark that talks about an absolute hands-down to Dan Brown!

Go! Go!! Go!!!

                                                                                                                                                       - Vazir

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