Monday, 30 December 2013

Clothes make the MAN!

This write-up is in consideration to the most famous politicians around us and about their dressing style.  Politicians are well known to have smart style statements and carry them well to the public. Their followers are widely seen to be following up their political superiors and idols when it comes to style and classic dressing sense. Let us have a glimpse of the current political style quotient.

  •  Mr. Narendra Modi –

The BJP’s Prime-Ministerial candidate and the current Chief Minister of Gujrat is considered to be a prime candidate when it comes to media attention and amass limelight. And with such a smart brain he has, it is for sure that Mr. Modi is extremely cautious about his dressing. With a happy face, a well-controlled yet affirmative smile, his hand waving on every node of the crowd, and behind his crystal-clear glasses, it is his brain that is constantly on a high alert. 
Take out any archive photos and videos of Mr. Modi and you will find that he was not much attentive with his dressing when he was working at BJP’s Delhi office. The Indian citizens have witnessed a different Modi then. After he became Gujrat’s Chief Minister, Modi surpassed his fellow competitors not only with smart tactics but also with his smart dressing. Modi started off with traditional ‘kurta-pyjama’ in early 2000. With his second term success as a CM, Modi was much modern with his looks while showcasing the progress of Gujrat. He switched on to well-tailored blazers, with a deep brown color hat and a slight wave of his long hair that featured him as a semi-casual yet, off-beat CM. This change also compelled him to flash a broad-range of glares which included a top-end series of Bulgari. This look was well carried during Vibrant Gujrat Summit, Kite Festival and while promoting Gujrat tourism. And with his third term as CM and an eye on the PM’s chair, Modi intelligently caught the pulse of the people and postured himself into an attire of a national leader. Now, he gets into the masses with a well-trimmed, well-curved beard. Apart from this, Modi is heavily promoting his signature ‘Modi Kurta’; a long khadi kurta with half sleeves and a pocket smoothly stitched on top of the heart. During crucial public appearances, he is seen in half semi-Pathani jacket which comes mostly with a dark yet shining shade contrast to his linen, English-color kurtas. His flat, round dial, Movado wrist-watch with a tanned black leather belt is impossible to be missed. Mr. Modi is found much comfortable behind the podium with this dress-up. 

·         Mr. Rahul Gandhi –

The ‘to be’ Prime-Ministerial candidate and the Vice-President of the Indian National Congress comes next to the current battlefield when is opponent is Mr. Narendra Modi.
The ‘Yuvraj’ and the front-runner of the Congress is way behind his political colleagues in terms of dressing skills. Hardly being showcased other than the limelight of ‘Gandhi’ aura and the cadre of other Congress leaders, Rahul Gandhi has always dressed up as an ‘Aam Aadmi’. The media and the public have always spotted Mr. Gandhi in a bright, white ‘kurta-payjama’. He is not much concerned with his hairstyle, but scan him under the microscope and you will notice that he damn serious about his haircut! His beard is trimmed in an uneven fashion, not absolutely curved. Mr. Gandhi has never ever showcased any accessories. He mixes into the crowd with his sleeves up to the biceps in an unorganized manner. Often when in New Delhi and mostly during the winter season, he puts on his semi-sporty, black, half-sleeves jacket without zipping it. Concluding to the bottom-line, he miserably falls below the average level of the ‘political style statement’.

  • Mr. Arvind Kejriwal - 
The third contender for the post of Indian Prime Minister, a former Indian bureaucrat, the quickest famous Indian politician whose media mileage has sky-rocketed, Arvind Kejriwal does not meet up-to-the people’s expectations when it comes to the work that his party did and with the dressing sense with which he gets into the masses.
Not much known to the media and the Indian people, AK-49 first came into the media focus when he staunchly supported the veteran Gandhian, Anna Hazare during his protest against corruption. His calm and convincing dialect of Haryanvi-Hindi made his popularity among the common people. He wore and still wears a simple chequered shirt or else his light gray color shirt, he is not much conscious about tucking the shirt. His simple eye-glasses with a sober frame perfectly highlight his studious look.

 With his non-hidden political aspirations, and after forming the ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ he focused on key local issues. His signature 'Gandhi topi' with 'Main Aam Aadmi Hoon' quoted on either side has been inherited from the Mr.Hazare's 'topi'. The 'AAP' supporters and his followers are yet seen to bear it on their brains with utmost excitement and patriotism. 
Mr. Kejriwal grabbed the total media attention during the prime-time winter season of Delhi during the Delhi elections. With his deteriorating health and being the star campaigner of his party, Mr. Kejriwal succumbed to cold and weakness. He started to mix up with the crowd with a thick, shabby woolen sweater and a tanned grey color muffler. This muffler then became his trademark which still continues to be a part of political cartoons which highlights 'AK-49', the self-proclaimed 'Aam Aadmi'!

(To be continued...)
                                                                                                                               - Vazir

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