Sunday, 28 June 2015

Mistress of Honour - By Bhaavna Arora.

'Mistress of Honour' - An intriguing, read-worthy story spiced with a unique flavor of defense services and deep love!

A short review.

Bhaavna Arora takes you to an interesting ride of a love story; the most unique piece I have come across in last few years. 'Mistress of Honour' is one very different story that compels you to stay up late night and turn the pages to get yourself glued to the characters. Bhaavna has put a lot of dedication into the research that this book demanded. Being aware of the fact that she is mixing two most well-accepted, most searched and fascinating combinations; a love story and details of Indian defense services, she has stroked the correct balance between these two parameters. Her hard work in fetching the minute insights of defense services and presenting them in a way to the readers that would not sound more of a technical book is the most appreciable note of this book. Simple, yet powerful and subtle usage of English reminds me of Shobhaa De. The very thought and a successful attempt to get into the intricacies of Operation Blue Star, chaining the links that came all along which form a part of the story are captured correctly. Dilemma of Potnis whether to truly accept Pansy as his better-half along with the responsibilities, candid character of Shamsher, and the main characters of Rihana, Advik, and Kabir who being the younger generation into the defence services align themselves into a lifelong addiction to serve for the country and deal with personal relationships; this book leaves you with a deep perception about the defence modus operandi, the war behind the real war and all shades of sentiments that are involved in-between the military personnel and their families. The story instills a sense of pride in our minds and makes us realize the many sacrifices they make, fighting gallantly to keep us safe until their last breath..!

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  1. Really well written Nikhil! :) Always loved your writing.

  2. Thank you so much Rhea! I am glad you liked it. :-)